This land has a rich history in strawberries, dating back to the 1920's when Ted's grandparents raised berries.

As the family lore goes, in the 1930s the neighbors came and picked berries, sending them to the Chicago area because that was the closest place they could sell their produce. They got $1.38 for every 32 quarts delivered. It doesn't seem like a lot, but many of the area neighbors always stated that it saved their farms and gave them the extra money for buying their dry products such as sugar, flour and coffee.


Caseys continued to produce berries until the mid 1960s. Again in the 1970s, berries were grown until the dry years of '75 and '76. Ted, Kristi, Julianna and Margaret planted berries in the Summer of 2010 to produce in 2011. With nearly seven acres of eight different varieties producing at different times, we are trying to expand our picking season further into the summer to accommodate the schedules of our customers.

We provide carriers for picking and customers pay by the pound. Samples are free.

Call before you come for picking updates at 715-977-7929.

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